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This is the main window where all of your Monimoto and Cycloop devices will be listed, if you have more than one:


When you click on a device from this list, you are taken to the Home screen of your device. You have two sections here.

Monimoto/Cycloop Device section shows all the details about the device itself:

1. Battery level

2. Device mode 

Please keep in mind that Monimoto app is not showing real time information. It shows the information of the last periodic check or last connection via Bluetooth. 

Key Fobs section shows Monimoto/Cycloop Key Fob's id and battery level.

Events section shows all the events and locations related to your device.

Help section is where you can get help from us and find answers to your questions.
Settings section is where you can change settings of your device, add or delete Key Fobs, send diagnostics to us, Push Device Status update or unpair your device. SIM top up and firmware updates are done from this section too. 


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